Graham Firth Communications Ltd will design your system to give maximum coverage of the works, all cameras are fully 360° pan and tilt and are capable of looking straight under the camera unlike some cameras (we never use dome cameras) fitted with a 36 times zoom lens, the camera housings are fitted with heaters and wipers for bad weather.

Camera room

All camera rooms use modern TFT LCD monitors and fully functioning camera controllers, all camera room staff are fully trained on the equipment and in the practises and procedures necessary for the safe running of the control room.

Video quality

To ensure that we get the best possible image back to the camera control room, we use fibre optic cable; the system we use is designed so that if a fault develops at one of the fibre transmitters there is no loss of images from subsequent cameras.


All cameras are recorded to DVR's this is so that any investigations can be carried out with ease, none relevant data is automatically erased after 14 days, any data that is kept will be handled as per the data protection act 1998, (after all you do not want your works ending up on you tube). All recorders are set to give the best possible image with the best frame rate.


(This is one service that we like to think you use the least)

In the unlikely event that a fault occurs we have fully trained staff available 24 hours 7 days a week to attend to your system, all have access to spares and test equipment to get your system back up and running as soon as possible, all our engineers are HERS approved with ECS cards and G39/1, we also operate a training program that insures all our staff are up to speed on the latest equipment that we use.